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MTKDroid Tool - Solusi merepair MTK Android

Senin, 09 Desember 2013 | 0 komentar

MTKDroid Tools 2.5.0


  •  Running on Win 8.1
  • Support MT6572 and MT6582 (already in v2.4.8b)
  • Support phones MTD flash and different from the 2048/64 ratio Page/Spare. In the log window displays at a connection is an ratio. Because Spare determined intuitively, there is the probability of error definitions. Then the images will have to recompile under Linux.
      if the file system ubifs, then a warning is displayed with reference to the index page with a 
  •  description of the problem.
      Cleaned checkboxes "Backup userdata and cache" and Leave "FlashTool files on SD card" (wrote about this plan recently).
  • Fixed bugs found 

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Free repair efs & imei blackberry

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Imei change for blackberry free
support :
- get check addres
- stuck hank logo
- erase addres manual
- repair efs (imei:0000000xxxx)
- change imei after efs repair
- type qualcom (9810,9850,9860,9900,9930)


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ALL IN 1 SAMSUNG Flasher Program

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SAMSUNG Flasher Program

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Blackberry compact repair 3b

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-Put the file Nal, Rapido, PRD, SFI, Ramimage difolder Nal, SFI, Ramimage, Fos by clicking the "Input Folder"

rename each file:
Nal be "nal.exe"
Ramimage be "ram.bin"
SFI becomes "" os.sfi "
full os becomes "os_installer.exe"

PASS: nokia6120

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How Tow Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 S6500D Update Jelly Bean 4.2.2

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Can be installed in:

Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S6500 2

Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S6500D 2

Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S6500T 2

Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S6500L 2

Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 is officially only be upgraded to Gingerbread

However, as technological developments in android, comes the android versions are

Newer and more sophisticated allowing for specific applications such as fuel, Plants Vs Zombie Game 2
Therefore since, posting on this occasion will discuss how to upgrade the Galaxy Mini 2 into Jelly Bean (Android's New Version).

Prosedure :
1. Laptop / PC
2. Android data cable.
3. Mobile Samsung Galaxy Mini

Software Required:

1. Odin, download Disini
2. CWM Versi, download Disini
3. USB Driver, download Disini
4. Custom ROM JB 4.2.2 (cm-10.1-20131011-UNOFFICIAL-jenad), download Disini
5. Google Aplication (gapps-jb-20130301-signed), download Disini

 How to Install CMW (ClockWorkMod) via Odin:
1. Install USB Drivers on Computers
2. Connect phone to PC using data cable
3. Log in to Download Mode, turn off your phone trick then press VOLUME UP + DOWN + POWER + MENU) After it says Samsung, loose power button.
4. Follow the figure below

 5.The installed, turn the HP and press (VOLUME UP + DOWN + POWER + MENU), remove the power button after it says samsung. 

Next Step Install Custom ROM 4.2.2 JB following way:
1. Copy the file right-cm-10.1--Unofficial 20,131,011 jenad to SD Card
2. Turn off the HP, in CWM mode (VOLUME UP + DOWN + POWER + MENU), remove the power button after it says samsung.
3. Backup data on the internal storage
4. wipe data
5. wipe cache partition
6. wipe Dalvik cache
7. install zip from sd card / chose zip -> install rom to complete
8. Go back -> Mount and stroage -> mount system first
9. Install zip from sd card / chose zip -> install GAPPS to complete
10. reboot

(Wait 5 s / d 10 Minutes, And Welcome to Jelly Bean OS):

1. file manager can not detect sd-Ext: install ROOT EXPLORER / in playstore
2. Enabling Developers Option and Performance Settings: Settings / About Phone / Press Build Number 10X
3. I'll be able to connect to pc incoming settings -> Storage -> touch menu select USB computer connection -> Mass storage checklist
4. WiFi overcome death itself, go Settings> WiFi> Touch menu> Advanced> Turn off "WiFi Optimization"

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